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Leaving her free for imagination…..

She loved herself in words, in sentences, in art and in thoughts more than in photos and mirror.

She loved how words and art could envelope her in mystery, leaving her free for imgination and interpretation. 
Sometimes between lines and in the white spaces left after drawing, she saw her unspoken feelings floating, desiring to move out of the spaces limiting her in pages.

How beautiful it is to be a piece of art or literature, to be timeless, to be someone who evokes otherworldly imgination making you different and immortal in this finite world…..  

—–Saumya Mishra


When you create your own life…..

You know what the best thing in life is?

It is when you create your own life, you create a life existing simultaneously with this real world. A life where you can laugh, go wherever you want to, meet people you always desired and own a home which satisfy you the most. Then you befriend some amazing people and talk to them about everything your heart knows. They console you and you listen to them. You cry, laugh, smile and jump altogether to express how happy you are. You suddenly start loving the life you are living. 

But when are you going to get such life?

Now itself if you want to. Just take a paper and let your imagination wander in universe. Let your thoughts create a different world. Let yourself feel the emotions you never felt before. Now let your ink flow freely and smoothly to give your thoughts a physical material form. 

That’s how you create your own world, that’s how you live thousand, lakhs of lives in this one life. 

Writing is not just a hobby, it is your vehicle to move to other planets, to discover the places which are still unknown to humanity……

प्रकृति प्रकृति नहीं है…..

अद्भुत, अप्रतिम, अद्वितीय यह प्रकृति मात्र वृक्षों एवं जीवों का समुच्चयन नहीं है….. 

यह सार है उन वृक्षों से टपकती वर्षा की बूँदों का जिनमें संगीत है किसी भी वादनयंत्र की ध्वनियों को पीछे छोड़ देने का…

यह दृश्य है उन अकल्पनीय सत्यों का जो जीवन से विरक्ति उत्पन्न करने की क्षमता रखते हैं….

ये केवल कलकल करती नदियों का संगीत नहीं है, ये अनुभव है उसी नदी में बैठे बगुले की चातुर्यता का…..

मात्र कोयल मन को प्रसन्न नहीं कर सकती यदि कौए का कर्कश स्वर उसकी मधुरता का महत्व न बढा़ए….

मात्र सवेरे की लालिमा संतुष्टि नहीं देती यदि पूर्वकालीन रात्रि गहरी न हो……

वृक्षों की हरियाली हरी है तो केवल विस्तृत रेगिस्तान से….

वर्षा का महत्व है केवल सूखे से दरक चुकी शुष्क चटकी भूमि में….

प्रकृति तब तक प्रकृति नहीं है जब तक कि मानव का अस्तित्व अक्षम है उसकी आंतरिक गहराइयों को छू पाने में…..

और मानव तभी तक मानव है जब तक कि अन्य प्रजातियाँ रोक रहीं हैं स्वयं को आगे बढ़ने से……


I see hopeless men on the streets,
bottles in their eyes,
words on their tongues
twisted in bitterness.

What will I become
when I’ve left university’s arms
and the teet
of academia?

Will that warmth and prospect
like a disturbed smoke haze?

Will I be trundling ’round
in trainers, brown
unkempt hair,
with a denim heart?

These hopeless men
are poets of few words
and their hands
seek rough surfaces 
in search of soft patches.

All the while,
I daren’t look into my own hopelessness:
there might be a small man in there
clapping in the cold
ready to meet my eyes…….