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Leaving her free for imagination…..

She loved herself in words, in sentences, in art and in thoughts more than in photos and mirror.

She loved how words and art could envelope her in mystery, leaving her free for imgination and interpretation. 
Sometimes between lines and in the white spaces left after drawing, she saw her unspoken feelings floating, desiring to move out of the spaces limiting her in pages.

How beautiful it is to be a piece of art or literature, to be timeless, to be someone who evokes otherworldly imgination making you different and immortal in this finite world…..  

—–Saumya Mishra


She was a whole world

She herself was everything. Everything she needed, everything she wanted, everything she hated and everything she desired for.

She was not perfect but happy in her own self, satisfied in her own life and grateful for everything she possessed. Life was not always easy for her but she was courageous enough to shape things as she wanted. She was not of this world and she was not of any other world either. She was a whole world in herself. A world where nobody could fit in and a world where only she could wander with her loneliness.

And she was still learning to love herself

“She was not like other girls. She never was and she never would be” he whispered. She was not beautiful, not pretty but there was something in her which always made him go weaker in his knees. She had that otherworldliness he used to write poems about. She was the one with deep scars on forehaead and a beautiful and deeper smile on her lips. She used to have a big heart where anybody could come in to be a part of her happiness. But those very parts ripped away her happiness slowly and made her heart a cold narrow place where nobody could fit in. 

She made a wall so high before her heart that it was impossible to climb it. He always wanted to break that wall but feared if he does the same unknowingly. And that fear made him love her without any expectation to get that love back from her. He was in love with her and she was still learning to love herself…..❤