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When you create your own life…..

You know what the best thing in life is?

It is when you create your own life, you create a life existing simultaneously with this real world. A life where you can laugh, go wherever you want to, meet people you always desired and own a home which satisfy you the most. Then you befriend some amazing people and talk to them about everything your heart knows. They console you and you listen to them. You cry, laugh, smile and jump altogether to express how happy you are. You suddenly start loving the life you are living. 

But when are you going to get such life?

Now itself if you want to. Just take a paper and let your imagination wander in universe. Let your thoughts create a different world. Let yourself feel the emotions you never felt before. Now let your ink flow freely and smoothly to give your thoughts a physical material form. 

That’s how you create your own world, that’s how you live thousand, lakhs of lives in this one life. 

Writing is not just a hobby, it is your vehicle to move to other planets, to discover the places which are still unknown to humanity……


From there I flew…..

As I opened my eyes and looked to the sky to see a sign of God…

a rain drop kissed the crease of my forehead,
songs sat upon clouds and drifted off like leaves in Autumn….
My spirit began to break away piece by piece like chipped statues,
I felt renewed…..

Like I grew wings and light shined around my head,
God gave me flight with no safety net
he said “if you believe as much as you preach……

you need no plan B”
From there I flew…..

Life is one time offer

Doing what you like is the rarest thing people do on this earth. Satisfaction and happiness come only when you enjoy the work you want yourself to be engaged in.

 Don’t strive for perfection or money, strive for happiness and satisfaction instead. This is something you’ll be proud of in your late years. Life is a one time offer, use it well….✌

World Awaits to Have You

There will be days when you’ll feel bad about yourself for being who you are, you’ll want yourself to be like somebody else or to possess something which you don’t really own, you’ll doubt your existence and your future, you’ll want yourself to get rid of your own self and you’ll cry hard for being helpless about any of these things.

But trust me everyone is unique and so are you. Why to compare yourself to somebody else and why to try to be like them when you are a real version and copies are always useless. Why not to love yourself as you are and why not to look at future with optimistic eyes, why not to be happy with the things you possess and to work hard in direction to improve yourself, why not to be proud of yourself and why not to spend your life happily instead of being sad and pessimist??

The answer is yes you should do all these things to get the best version of yourself whom you can be proud of. So just get up with deep love and respect for yourself and immense pleasure and optimism for future. World awaits to get a person like you………