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I am sick of forgiving you

You send me the signals that we’re over, we’re through. But why do you keep coming back if that’s true? You ask for my forgiveness time and time again but I’m sick of giving it to you, not anymore will I. Your confusion is rubbing off on me, just because you’re unsure doesn’t mean I have to be as well. I know you don’t want me, I get it, there’s no need to make me feel like shit as well. I’m done with you, like you are I, now can we drop these petty games and part our ways?

She was a whole world

She herself was everything. Everything she needed, everything she wanted, everything she hated and everything she desired for.

She was not perfect but happy in her own self, satisfied in her own life and grateful for everything she possessed. Life was not always easy for her but she was courageous enough to shape things as she wanted. She was not of this world and she was not of any other world either. She was a whole world in herself. A world where nobody could fit in and a world where only she could wander with her loneliness.

वो सूनी सी आँखें

वो सूनी सी आँखें …..खोज रही थीं ….उस प्यार को कहीं ,

जो कभी बचपन में ….दिया था उन्होंने …..अपने जिगर के टुकड़े को ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें …..खोज रही थीं …..उन शब्दों को कहीं ,
जो सिखाए थे बचपन में ….उन्होंने अपने होठों से कभी ।

सामने खड़ा उनका …..वो “बेटा” ही था ,
जो आज उन्हें ….इस “Old Age Home” में छोड़ने आया था ।

सामने खड़ा उनका ……वो “बेटा” ही था ,
जो उनके कदमों को भी अब …..अपने दिल से मिटाने आया था ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी इस गुस्ताखी पर भी …..नाराज़ ना थी ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी ऐसी मोहब्बत पर भी ……हैरान न थी ।

रहेंगे वह माँ-बाप उसके सदा …..चाहे “वो” उन्हें ….इस तरह से प्यार करे ,
तकेंगी ये आँखें उसको सदा …..चाहे “वो” इस जनम में …..कितना भी अपराध करे ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी सिर्फ सलामती की ….दुआ करने आई थीं ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी हर ख़ुशी में …..अपनी ख़ुशी ढूँढने आई थीं ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी मजबूरी की ……कहानी सुनने आई थीं ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी कही कहानी में अपना ….नाम~ओ~निशान मिटाने आई थीं ।

कितना वीभत्स था वो नज़ारा ……जब इतनी आह में उन्होंने ….अपना नया आशियाँ सँवारा ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें …..फिर भी उस आशियाने के …..दीप जलाने आई थीं ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें …..अपने बेटे के चेहरे पर …..एक मुस्कान देने आई थीं ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें …..अपने अंत होते जीवन काल का …..एक इतिहास रचने आई थीं ।

कभी “उसे” लाने को …..अस्पताल का बिल ….उन सूनी सी आँखों ने भरा था ,
आज ऐसे ही एक बिल की Copy …..वो सूनी सी आँखें …..अपने Purse में सँजोने आई थीं ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें …..जाते-जाते भी …..”उसे” एक आशीर्वाद  देने आई थीं,
वो सूनी सी आँखें …..इस शहरी ज़िदगी की ……एक अजब तस्वीर दिखाने आई थीं ॥

  There is a message for all- please don’t leave your old parents to old care homes. They have given their entire life to make you what you are today, so have some integrity and humanity and love them when they need you the most. 

And she was still learning to love herself

“She was not like other girls. She never was and she never would be” he whispered. She was not beautiful, not pretty but there was something in her which always made him go weaker in his knees. She had that otherworldliness he used to write poems about. She was the one with deep scars on forehaead and a beautiful and deeper smile on her lips. She used to have a big heart where anybody could come in to be a part of her happiness. But those very parts ripped away her happiness slowly and made her heart a cold narrow place where nobody could fit in. 

She made a wall so high before her heart that it was impossible to climb it. He always wanted to break that wall but feared if he does the same unknowingly. And that fear made him love her without any expectation to get that love back from her. He was in love with her and she was still learning to love herself…..❤


I see hopeless men on the streets,
bottles in their eyes,
words on their tongues
twisted in bitterness.

What will I become
when I’ve left university’s arms
and the teet
of academia?

Will that warmth and prospect
like a disturbed smoke haze?

Will I be trundling ’round
in trainers, brown
unkempt hair,
with a denim heart?

These hopeless men
are poets of few words
and their hands
seek rough surfaces 
in search of soft patches.

All the while,
I daren’t look into my own hopelessness:
there might be a small man in there
clapping in the cold
ready to meet my eyes…….

Where there is no home

Try thinking about having no home on earth once. Think about living alone when you need your family the most. Think about spending your whole day  crying and remembering your good old days and comparing them to nothingness of present.

You can imagine it but can’t feel it. When you are old you see the people whom you spent your childhood and adulthood with are leaving this world one by one. You find yourself growing weaker day by day. You see your children whom you devoted your whole life for have left you to a place where you know nobody. You still want to live with them, to forgive them and love them like anything for that older people always have a big and soft heart.

But is it this big heart that makes your heart shrink so small that you can’t even take care of them when they need you the most? All they want is little attention and affection in return of their great devotions and sacrifices they made to reach you where you are now.

So love them and take care of them so that you won’t ever have to regret for it later. What goes is what comes around.

So if there is no home for them now, how can you be so sure about having a secure and safe old age for yourself??????

World Awaits to Have You

There will be days when you’ll feel bad about yourself for being who you are, you’ll want yourself to be like somebody else or to possess something which you don’t really own, you’ll doubt your existence and your future, you’ll want yourself to get rid of your own self and you’ll cry hard for being helpless about any of these things.

But trust me everyone is unique and so are you. Why to compare yourself to somebody else and why to try to be like them when you are a real version and copies are always useless. Why not to love yourself as you are and why not to look at future with optimistic eyes, why not to be happy with the things you possess and to work hard in direction to improve yourself, why not to be proud of yourself and why not to spend your life happily instead of being sad and pessimist??

The answer is yes you should do all these things to get the best version of yourself whom you can be proud of. So just get up with deep love and respect for yourself and immense pleasure and optimism for future. World awaits to get a person like you………