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Leaving her free for imagination…..

She loved herself in words, in sentences, in art and in thoughts more than in photos and mirror.

She loved how words and art could envelope her in mystery, leaving her free for imgination and interpretation. 
Sometimes between lines and in the white spaces left after drawing, she saw her unspoken feelings floating, desiring to move out of the spaces limiting her in pages.

How beautiful it is to be a piece of art or literature, to be timeless, to be someone who evokes otherworldly imgination making you different and immortal in this finite world…..  

—–Saumya Mishra


Animals testing is against humanity

Imagine your body being mutilated for science…. while you’re still in it!

Imagine being hit on the head, one of your legs chained, dazed off but fully conscious. Gigantic clippers snip off the lower parts of your arms and legs. Completely helpless, you feel workers cutting into your thighs, belly and sides as they strip your skin from your legs  to your neck.

How is this feeling? You know these atrocities are happening daily with innocent animals just to develope so called cosmetics and fashion items which are nothing but a mere decoration on human’s soulless emotionless bodies.

Animals do not have less fear just because they live without words. They are here ‘with’ us not ‘for’ us. It’s not science, it’s animal abuse instead. Science has made us lose our conscience, we have become so selfish and emotionless that we can’t see the feelings of voiceless.

Know that the same spark of life that is within you, is within all our animal friends. Yes, they are our friends. How could you even think of surviving without them on this earth? We are all a part of group of the organisms mother nature has created. How by killing others, you think, you can develope where we are all interrelated?

How can you be so selfish that you forget these very animals were the ones who helped you survive when your machines and industries were not there. When you were merely an oragnism needing animals for transport and food. How could you see animals full of life as mere lifeless objects whom you can experiment on?

They are not the liquids in your test tubes, nor are they slabs of your laboratory. They are living creatures just like you. They have the same will to live with freedom as you do.  

They can’t ask for the pain to stop, so they need your atrocities to stop, they need you to speak out……..

From there I flew…..

As I opened my eyes and looked to the sky to see a sign of God…

a rain drop kissed the crease of my forehead,
songs sat upon clouds and drifted off like leaves in Autumn….
My spirit began to break away piece by piece like chipped statues,
I felt renewed…..

Like I grew wings and light shined around my head,
God gave me flight with no safety net
he said “if you believe as much as you preach……

you need no plan B”
From there I flew…..

I am sick of forgiving you

You send me the signals that we’re over, we’re through. But why do you keep coming back if that’s true? You ask for my forgiveness time and time again but I’m sick of giving it to you, not anymore will I. Your confusion is rubbing off on me, just because you’re unsure doesn’t mean I have to be as well. I know you don’t want me, I get it, there’s no need to make me feel like shit as well. I’m done with you, like you are I, now can we drop these petty games and part our ways?

वो सूनी सी आँखें

वो सूनी सी आँखें …..खोज रही थीं ….उस प्यार को कहीं ,

जो कभी बचपन में ….दिया था उन्होंने …..अपने जिगर के टुकड़े को ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें …..खोज रही थीं …..उन शब्दों को कहीं ,
जो सिखाए थे बचपन में ….उन्होंने अपने होठों से कभी ।

सामने खड़ा उनका …..वो “बेटा” ही था ,
जो आज उन्हें ….इस “Old Age Home” में छोड़ने आया था ।

सामने खड़ा उनका ……वो “बेटा” ही था ,
जो उनके कदमों को भी अब …..अपने दिल से मिटाने आया था ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी इस गुस्ताखी पर भी …..नाराज़ ना थी ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी ऐसी मोहब्बत पर भी ……हैरान न थी ।

रहेंगे वह माँ-बाप उसके सदा …..चाहे “वो” उन्हें ….इस तरह से प्यार करे ,
तकेंगी ये आँखें उसको सदा …..चाहे “वो” इस जनम में …..कितना भी अपराध करे ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी सिर्फ सलामती की ….दुआ करने आई थीं ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी हर ख़ुशी में …..अपनी ख़ुशी ढूँढने आई थीं ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी मजबूरी की ……कहानी सुनने आई थीं ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें ……उसकी कही कहानी में अपना ….नाम~ओ~निशान मिटाने आई थीं ।

कितना वीभत्स था वो नज़ारा ……जब इतनी आह में उन्होंने ….अपना नया आशियाँ सँवारा ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें …..फिर भी उस आशियाने के …..दीप जलाने आई थीं ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें …..अपने बेटे के चेहरे पर …..एक मुस्कान देने आई थीं ,
वो सूनी सी आँखें …..अपने अंत होते जीवन काल का …..एक इतिहास रचने आई थीं ।

कभी “उसे” लाने को …..अस्पताल का बिल ….उन सूनी सी आँखों ने भरा था ,
आज ऐसे ही एक बिल की Copy …..वो सूनी सी आँखें …..अपने Purse में सँजोने आई थीं ।

वो सूनी सी आँखें …..जाते-जाते भी …..”उसे” एक आशीर्वाद  देने आई थीं,
वो सूनी सी आँखें …..इस शहरी ज़िदगी की ……एक अजब तस्वीर दिखाने आई थीं ॥

  There is a message for all- please don’t leave your old parents to old care homes. They have given their entire life to make you what you are today, so have some integrity and humanity and love them when they need you the most.