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The Most Beautiful Things in the World

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


From there I flew…..

As I opened my eyes and looked to the sky to see a sign of God…

a rain drop kissed the crease of my forehead,
songs sat upon clouds and drifted off like leaves in Autumn….
My spirit began to break away piece by piece like chipped statues,
I felt renewed…..

Like I grew wings and light shined around my head,
God gave me flight with no safety net
he said “if you believe as much as you preach……

you need no plan B”
From there I flew…..

She was a whole world

She herself was everything. Everything she needed, everything she wanted, everything she hated and everything she desired for.

She was not perfect but happy in her own self, satisfied in her own life and grateful for everything she possessed. Life was not always easy for her but she was courageous enough to shape things as she wanted. She was not of this world and she was not of any other world either. She was a whole world in herself. A world where nobody could fit in and a world where only she could wander with her loneliness.


I see hopeless men on the streets,
bottles in their eyes,
words on their tongues
twisted in bitterness.

What will I become
when I’ve left university’s arms
and the teet
of academia?

Will that warmth and prospect
like a disturbed smoke haze?

Will I be trundling ’round
in trainers, brown
unkempt hair,
with a denim heart?

These hopeless men
are poets of few words
and their hands
seek rough surfaces 
in search of soft patches.

All the while,
I daren’t look into my own hopelessness:
there might be a small man in there
clapping in the cold
ready to meet my eyes…….