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Leaving her free for imagination…..

She loved herself in words, in sentences, in art and in thoughts more than in photos and mirror.

She loved how words and art could envelope her in mystery, leaving her free for imgination and interpretation. 
Sometimes between lines and in the white spaces left after drawing, she saw her unspoken feelings floating, desiring to move out of the spaces limiting her in pages.

How beautiful it is to be a piece of art or literature, to be timeless, to be someone who evokes otherworldly imgination making you different and immortal in this finite world…..  

—–Saumya Mishra


Warli Art

Indian folk arts are one of the best in the world. That is a different kind of good feeling when you see amazing drawings on the mud walls made simply by natural colors and geometrical patterns by villagers. Warli art is one of my favorite arts.

Sometimes you find a whole life full of beauty and joy in art which you want to be a part of……